Monday, October 28, 2013



~ also known as eight valentines day weddings which included two spontaneous cases of "love is in the air"

One off-site at what is becoming my wedding hall of sorts, my favorite local restaurant/bar/hangout, it's like my living room ... and ...

... one on the sidewalk outside because (a) they were late for their appointment - well, the bride and groom were almost on time ~ the mothers, not so much, which required juggling and squeezing them in to a later time slot ... and (b) they were so freaking loud there wasn't a chance I was disrupting the office that much ~ you could hear them in the back of the building even when they were outside!

... the rest of my day included the blurt-it-groom (see earlier blog post, ironically called the Blurt-it-out Groom);

... a groom that decided they would take the half an hour later time slot after booking the earlier one & let me know by voice mail at 8 AM this morning (without asking if that slot was still available);

... three delightful couples so clearly in love that it reminded me why I do this (one of which had many guests and a professional photographer - the other two were "just us" weddings ~ <see blog post by same name> my very favorite kind, the ones where you never have to ask why ♥ ) ...

.... and one guest who couldn't stop telling me how wonderful my ceremony is and how it truly inspired him.

♥ Now, off to treat myself with a beverage that is NOT on my no carb, no sugar, no alcohol diet and then home with my snuggly little valentine pup.

♥ oddly enough both have the same name ♥

Hope today and every day is full of love for each of you!