Saturday, August 9, 2014

Just confirming the details ...

After confirming her Saturday, 11 am, appointment for the 3rd time ... (and 3 "let me call you back" phone calls to get it scheduled in the first place)

Her: Okay, what time do you want me to call you that day?  is 9 AM good?

Me: Why? Why? Why do you need to call me again?

Her: Just to confirm everything, again, you know that you’re there and everything.

Me: There’s no need to confirm, again, it’s in my calendar.

Me: And, I can promise you I will not be sitting in my office at 9 AM on a Saturday

** NOW, THE KICKER - I'D LIKE TO NOTE - that they showed up 15 minutes late - with 5 guests instead of the 4 I said they could have ... and, had 4+ more guests arrive as I finished up the ceremony who were jumping up and down outside and banging on the door to get in.

So much for all those "just confirming the details" calls.